If you know me you know I have a top piercing on my left ear. A lot of people have complemented and also commented on the same. Fashion! This was never my choice but I have good sense in it. I lied to my mom! I told fashion fest gift voucher had accessed me pierce one ear. She called me rowdy for one ear piercing. Thousands of times she has asked me to pierce the other ear too, but I denied and still deny. One of my friend who used to be my priority, whom I no more talk to saw this and told I looked like a loafer just because she grew up among them and saw only them doing this fashion. My school friends almost were shocked when they saw the piercing, they all thought I had become a bad ass bitch. Small kids asked me if I denied to pierce the other ear just because it would pain. Folks from college have complemented me for this fashion they love and gave their heart to. The one piercing that a person who I loved the most and still have hidden some love for gave me this piercing. This piercing was symbolised as a symbol of rowdyism, as a symbol of cowardness, as a symbol of pain, as a symbol of fashion, as a symbol of loafer and also as a symbol of what not! But I haven’t processed everything that people kept telling about the one piercing that has made them talk about me and I’ve definitely denied to get a partner piercing for it. I’m trying to keep it as it was given to me with a big confusion in my veins and nerves. A symbol of love or a symbol of remembrance or a symbol of punishment?

Varumaiyin niram Karuppu.

varumaiyin niram Karuppu.

(Varumai – poverty, Niram- colour, Karuppu- black)Varumaiyin niram karuppu! What does this mean? In Tamizh this title means, ‘the colour of poverty is black’. By saying this what do I mean to tell?The colour black is usually percieved as a negative vibe which in recent time has changed to a classy and trendy colour. Black is one color that is dominated by all other colours. Every dark skinned human would have been bullied atleast once in their life for what they are. It is the colour that is avoided the most during auspicious occasions. But has anyone thought of the chemistry of the colour black? Black holds within it the colourful rainbow and more funky colours. According to me the definition for black would be colorful chemistry that is externally the darkest and internally the most vibrantly shone colour.Now what does black have to do with Varumai (poverty) ?Living in poverty can be one of the worst situations in current times. People who suffer from poverty are the ones who experience the colour black. Their lives are the darkest according to the society in a bird’s eye view, but in a microscopic view their lives are the happiest. They do suffer economically and strive hard for their survival in various aspects starting from birth, joining a school, becoming member of certain organization, higher education, profession, availing government facilities as a citizen, to death which the person has no way to experience after the last breath. Everything is a struggle for a person who is living in poverty, these are the people who are tagged, branded low, looked down at, taken for granted, used as pawns for someone else’s luxurious life. Everything around them is dark and made darker for someone else’s good. But when one bothers to get into their community and experience their life, that will be the best life that one can ever live even if it is temporary. Their houses might be blocks that are piled up and over populated with malnutritioned kids. But every meal that they eat is from the hard earned money which gives the greatest satisfaction even if the stomach is not satiated. This community is the community that finds happiness even in the smallest of things like finding joy from the water drops that falls from the broken roof in the house, wearing old but usable clothes that are donated by others which are brand new according to them, buying a flip flop that has to be used for three years is like buying a Jimmy Choo and more can be added to their greatest joys which makes them forget the reality of poverty and the struggle. Sometimes the happiness that the people in poverty experience might me the things that are in the bucket list of a person who is financially privileged. Little valuable things are available in the lives that we live in. but what we tend to do is, we search for it elsewhere. Though the lives of the people who live in poverty is considered the worst condition according to the privileged ones, their lives from the outside is dark but very meaningful and colourful with lots of hopes, desires, aspirations and confidence that one day that the darker side of their life will be over powered with the vision of the internal colours of black fighting the denominations of other colours which has forgotten that they are from and within the colour Black.

Social Distancing and Mental Health.

Human beings are said to be social beings who depend on each other for their social, physical and mental well-being. There are people who prefer to be socially distanced and live in the small world of theirs enjoying their own company and exploring things in that small world while other part of the population love to explore and socialize with the outside world. Usually people who live their life around themselves lacking sociability which is by choice are very much prone to mental illness. So how do these kind of people tackle with mental disturbance to survive with a sound mental system? When asked about this to people, almost everyone said they don’t follow 100 percentage social distancing. People like them do mingle with other people but in limits because it would be very challenging for anyone to live by themselves. Therefore their socialization with their fellow beings is limited enough for them to stay sane and fit themselves to the society in which they live in. According to various researches people who have suffered with mental illness and have been challenged with mental health are mostly people who preferred to keep themselves away from other social beings. In order to keep their mental health fit and sound it is best for these people to engage in activities their interested in like drawing, sketching, cooking, reading, singing, dancing, improving skills etc. Since activities like these are time consuming and involves mental and physical energy, the aspect social need is balanced. Therefore people who prefer to be distancing themselves socially can achieve sound mental health by practising extra curricular activities which would refresh the mind.

The half realized truth.

They kept us under their rule. They spoke languages we did not know. They got in electrical tools, huge massive machines and weapons made of stone and metal they had irregular body features and they were all taller than all of us. I’m sure they don’t belong to our specie. Few had covered their body, few raw and few covered green leaves in their middle and upper body. The ones who had covered their middle and upper body had grown long strands of thread on their head and the ones who had covered just their lower body had thorn and grass like stands on their head. They consumed solid food, buns, and some even ate raw meat and drank liquids after eating. Everytime they spoke to one of them they did some sounds and gestures. They had long legs and hands and to my surprise all of them walked with two legs and not four. It’s been 15 times the moon appeared and disappeared but these beings haven’t dispearred yet. And they ate only 5 times during these 15 appearance of the moon. I don’t understand who they are, why they are here, And they are starving without food. But the only thing I found suspicious was that they carried those stones that are thrown there by us in all large amount in huge bags. Then they threw those stones carefully into those massive machines and pressed a button and the machine flew somewhere. I just want to know why they are taking those heavy useless stones and where are they taking it. When i noticed clearly, only the ones who were covered properly did this and the others were killing each other and acting wild. Another observation was that they collected only the sparking stones instead of the dark pebbles. They collected everything that sparkled and the ones who were covered with leaves and uncovered collected black stones and rubbed them hard. Though each one of them were acting differently they all had similar features. They all moved similarly and the way they made sounds were different from each group of them. They spoke no code language like us and were very different from us.
Brent woke up! Switched on the light and checked how he looked in the mirror. Once he found him normal he drank a mug of water and sat down and thought why he dreamt like that and why he had turned into an alien and why he was talking about human beings to his friend Laura who was his boss in the dream. Next morning he got dressed and rushed to the ground floor where his car was parked. He ran towards the car and searched for the car key ‘oh shit! Gotta run back the room to get the key’ he said to himself and ran to the room which was on the 8th floor of the apartment. He got the key and rode swift to Laura’s place which was 3 kms away from his place. He explained his dream to Laura and she said ‘holy God! I dreamt the same dream too!’ What is just happening around us. I remember like I saw a man who was wearing a transport official batch along with a woman ordering the men to make it fast and saying ‘do it before they find what we are doing’ to the workers. Oh yeah! I remember now, I was finding it difficult to recognise the faces in my dream. If we can analyse what happened in the dream, I feel like the transport official is looting the resources from the nation’s treasure area where the poor are made to work in the dream. Did you not notice the poor slaves in your dream where the stones were heaped? Yes I did. Something is fishy about the dream. Anyways let’s not think too much about it and get into problem decided both Laura and Brent.
Both Laura and Brent who were working in the government office were focused on their work and got promotions for their generous work in the next 3 months. They made plans and worked according to their plan for their betterment. Both staying away from their family were only focused on their work and didn’t interfere in any shady business. 4 months later, when both had gone out for a date, they heard that diamonds that were stored in the national treasure area are stolen in the radio. Both of them immediately ran to the Tv showroom in the mall and saw the breaking news. When they turned to the other side to get relieved from the shocking news, another surprise was waiting for them. They saw another science news in which the script ran ‘ scientists invented time machines to travel in time’. Both rushed back to their room sat and started the conversation at once. ‘What is happening? Our dream is kind of making some sense to me’, said both to each other. The investigation for the lose of diamonds from the treasure area was going on, the transport official afforded to travel in time to the stone age in the name of science research. He particularly chose to travel to a place where there was diamonds in huge quantity. Everything was making some kind of sense inside the head of Laura and Brent. It was the judgement day and the transport official also returned on that day to the court to know who looted the diamonds from the treasure area. To his great surprise his wife was found to be the accused. The judgement was announced in the news and Laura and Brent told to each other that they forgot to discuss about the woman who was standing next to the transport official in their dream.